Monday, April 28, 2014

Local Moron Puts On Airs, Goes To Symphony.

General observations about seeing John Williams conduct the Oregon Symphony tonight:

  • It is impossible to avoid mentally superimposing The Crawl above an orchestra playing the Star Wars theme.
  • John Williams anecdotally refers to Yoda as “The elder wizard character from the second film”.
  • The theme from Close Encounters is badass.
  • The moment when the Eliot’s bicycles takes flight in E.T. is so emotionally tied to the score that hearing it live sans picture actually had the same effect as when I saw that scene in the theater at age 7.
  • Don’t worry about not seeing Indiana Jones listed in the program. There will be an encore.
  • John Williams is not the sort of Maestro who is afraid to follow the Indiana Jones encore with the theme from the NBC Nightly News.


  1. He's the one playing the piano on Mancini's Peter Gunn soundtrack, too.

    1. Crazy! I've had that LP for years and never made the connection. No surprise really, dude is a hit machine. Seriously his IMDB is almost too much to take in at once.