Thursday, January 12, 2012

F Work

Profound apologies for the lack of updates of late. I recently fell into a work-related layer of the Infinite Abyss. I love my job, but I’ve been doing 90-hour weeks since I started this blog, and that is some garbage. Advertising is a brutal business.

Just for fun I put together a DIY version of the Holmes booklet. It’s digest size and has art by Skinner (one of my favorite non-D&D D&D artists) and Pete Mullen (My favorite OSR artist). I designed these to give out to players for a thing I’ve been working on, which I hope to actually have up and running with my regular crew once my ridiculous workload cools off.  I’m not 100% committed to using Holmes. Moldvay has always been my guy. But I had the Holmes in PDF so it was easy.

The wholly expected announcement of 5e made me realize I should just print up a bunch of these and start stashing them in the many nerd-friendly places around town (comic shops, the fantasy section of bookstores, libraries, Metal shows, etc). I’d replace the swiped art with my own, but I'd leave the swiped innards intact. They'd be free. 

 Just doing my part for the Old School Renaissance Revolution.


  1. God, that's really beautiful.

    Where is the cover image from?

  2. Skinner. Dude is a total ripper. If you go through his site there's some stuff from a show he did with a mural of the original Monster Manual cover. I would kill to have a monster book illustrated by him, Neckface, Johnny Ryan, and the dudes who draw Superjail.

  3. Much love for the animators in Superjail.

    I have a lot of admiration for Pete Mullen, too. He and Stefan Poag channel that underground comix vibe that I love about Tramp's Wormy.

    If you don't have time to run games, why aren't you on G+/FLAILSNAILS? You could at least get a few hours of playing in a week.

  4. Yeah, I should've mentioned Stefan Poag. I love his grotesque, underground comic vibe, which aligns perfectly with the way I see this game.

    And I really do need to get with FLAILSNAILS. Like everyone else I know, I made a G+ account when it was launched and never went back.

  5. Yeah, I did the same, thinking, "Why do I need another Facebook?"

    However, there is something very interesting happening on G+.

    Thanks to the circles concept, where you share information only with the people who are interested in it, OSR bloggers and designers are free to talk openly about RPGs without worrying about censoring themselves for coworkers, family members, and 'straight' friends.

    G+ hangouts also allow people to get a pickup game together on the fly, or find a game during a window that suits them. Most people don't use ConstantCon, for whatever reason, but if you befriend the usual suspects, the invitations start piling up.