Wednesday, March 25, 2015

That's no moon, it's...

A book of extremely useful d12 charts alerted me to the fact that my campaign has a leftover fortress world hanging around somewhere in the night sky.

What is it? Let's roll a D10 and find out:

1. An orbital super weapon terraformed by Elves long ago. Now a pristine, forested moon, it is home to a race of aloof High Elven types. But they are besieged by attacks from the insane, biomechanical Drow living just below the surface.

2. A stranded battleworld trapped in your planet's gravity well. Its clone gladiators await...
    roll d4: 
    1) worthy opponents to test their ancient mettle
    2) repairs to get them back on the Galactic Battle Circuit
    3) a messiah to lead them against the forces of Chaos
    4) strong genetic material to refresh the amniotic vats (which have been pumping out Mutoids for a         while now)

3. The largest piece of debris in the Orbital Rust Belt (roll on that table and extrapolate something)

4. A decrepit space hulk of the Dinosaur Imperium. Its cold blooded serpent soldiers lie dormant until the geodesic dome above the Terror Terrarium can be repaired.

5. The time-distorted remains of a transport ship that a previous race tried to use to escape the campaign world aeons ago.

6. The head of an ancient Cosmic God That Could Not Survive A Lawsuit From The Jack Kirby Estate. Speaking of Celestials, The Dreaming Celestial is named Tiamut. That name reminds me of something....hmmm....

7. A branch of the Celephais Library System. Its volumes are said to contain the esoteric lore of a thousand dead worlds.

8. Nevermind, it's just the station from the Albuquerque Starport. Hopefully one of the PCs comes back wearing a Dead Kennedy's amulet.

9. The remains of a Suncrusher used by man man in his desperation to cut off Serpentkind's powersource. 50% chance it was never used but still active, 50% chance it succeeded and the campaign begins under a dead sun.

10. Secret holdfast of the superwizards, a magical Illuminati and the secret gods of the campaign world. Their existence is merely a rumor until someone in the party gains access to 9th level spells, at which point they appear to offer a seat on their council.