Tuesday, February 26, 2013

D12 Things What Just Fell Out Of The Orbital Rust Belt.

for Carcosa and other barbaric space fantasy games.

1. An alien sarcophagus. The mummified remains have been replaced by an unconscious Space Princess, who climbed inside in the hopes of surviving planet fall.

2. 1d6 undead Rocket Men. Their suits are still intact and largely functional if you can get the current owners out of them.

3. The damaged AI core of the HMS Balrog, soon to be worshipped as a deity by your local tribe of subhuman creeps.

4. An unshielded chunk of reactor core that will go all Colour Out of Space on your shit for the next d4 weeks.

5.The gigantic corpse of a Flame Aurochs. A crazed Space Berserker will cut his way out of the corpse d4 rounds after impact.

6. 80 liters of Jale Ooze. This shimmering puddle of nano-goo attaches itself to the nearest life form, assimilating their mass in 2d6 turns but also providing a +5 bonus to their AC for the remaining hours of their gelatinous-armored life.

7. A hive of d8 Insectronauts separated from the Unimind.

8. The massive body of a Space Jellyfish beaches itself on the planet. Local activists gather, pointing and shaking their heads at the cruelty of life.

9. The genetic library of a Space Hulk. The gene seed has been corrupted by Gamma radiation, resulting in actual green skinned Space Hulks.

10. An enormous robot large enough to serve as a decent-sized dungeon. Several large hull breaches provide entrances.

11. A hillbilly family of Space Prospectors forced to ride a piece of Space Junk down to the surface when their salvage operation went off the rails. Space Pa is friendly enough as long as no man touches his beautiful Space Daughters.

12. A time-displaced Fighting Man from the Terran Federation. He hopes to recruit able-bodied adventurers to escort him back in time so he can assassinate himself and thereby prevent the return of the Great Old Ones.


  1. Cool stuff. I particularly like the hillbilly (spacebilly?) prospector family. And the fact Space Daughters is capitalized. :)

  2. I want to explore this game-world.

    Like, right now.

  3. Fantastic. Definitely borrowing this.

  4. how did I not see this when it was posted, dammit?
    Not only do I love this, it also fits my own space barbarian campaign perfectly. Almost too perfectly. Thank you and I hope you're still around doing this!

  5. I am late to the party.

    This is awesome.