Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I agreed to run 5e for a group of my weird coworkers this weekend.

So far, the only preparation I've done is read Aaron & Del Mundo's Weirdworld #1, which came out today.

20 pages later, I am fully prepared. The setup line alone ("Where Lost Things Go") is enough to set my brain on fire.

Also, I want a 100 issue run of this damn book. If gonzo late 70's / early 80's Sword & Sorcery is your thing (and if you're reading a D&D blog, it probably is), then Weirdworld #1 is worth your 4 dollars. For that you get cool art, hilarious dialog, a slew of Bronze age and Crystar references, a floating island, a map that includes a location called "Motherboard Mountain", and a metric crapton of fun. Dig it, True Believer!



  1. Thanks for the goto.
    I rather enjoyed it.
    And yeah, I like that Where Lost Things Go bit as well. Reminds me of this place:

  2. It was a good place to start--so how did the game go?

  3. Got the trade for Christmas and devoured it. Picked up the first issue of the new ongoing yesterday and it was pretty damn funny and definitely worth checking out. Have you given it a read yet?

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