Friday, January 13, 2012

The Temple of Gorgolac. Hex 1812

The monster descriptions of Isle of the Unknown generally don’t make many demands as far as setting goes. Given that each hex is 86 miles square, it seems a waste to just have all these weird abominations wandering (or in some cases crawling or even flopping) around their respective hex.

Why not steal a page from the book of Zelda and give some of these critters a nice little dungeon or temple to call home?

The Temple of Gorgolac. Hex 1812

The entrance to an ancient temple is set in a cliff face 150’above the river in hex 1812. The temple was once dedicated to a river god, but is now the lair of a 22’ tall, emaciated bipedal Panda named Gorgolac. The hunger of Gorglolac is said to be insatiable, and all who have sought the enchanted helm rumored to wait within the temple have failed to return.

A shy but peaceful community of mundane Pandas living near the cliff are willing to trade their handmade flutes for small, shiny items.

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  1. That's a great idea. Although not sure "mundance Pandas" do much flute crafting, don't just eat bamboo and sleep? ;)